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Our Carpet Repair Options 

Please review the following selection of four exclusive options we have meticulously curated to assist you in rectifying your carpet damage. We kindly request that you take a look below.

With our extensive experience spanning over three decades, we can confidently assert that these options are the most viable solutions currently available. It is crucial to note that aside from the alternatives we present, there isn't really no other plausible methods to salvage your carpet without resorting to the costly measure of replacing the entire affected area or room.

We understand your desire to avoid such an exorbitant expense, which is precisely why we have curated these options for your consideration.


With our extensive experience spanning over three decades in the carpet fitting and repairs industry, we possess the necessary expertise to tackle a wide range of challenges. However, it is crucial to bear in mind that we cannot guarantee invisibility with any carpet repairs we carry out. This is due to the sheer diversity of carpets available, encompassing countless brands, thicknesses, colours, backings, and textures, among other factors. Consequently, predicting the exact outcome of a repair becomes quite challenging.

When patching new carpet into old (see pic below), even if it is an exact match, some initial visibility may persist. Conversely, patching new carpet into new carpet tends to yield more favourable results. The duration your carpet has been laid and the level of wear and tear it has endured also impact the repair outcome. Generally, thicker carpets tend to yield more satisfactory results. If you wish to swiftly conceal carpet damages, we recommend addressing the repair promptly to ensure seamless integration with foot traffic.

An example 

Imagine putting a new piece of the exact same garden turf next to turf that's been compressed over time, its exactly the same with carpet, but fortunately over time it will compress and catch up, 

Old and new garden turf
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