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Please review the following selection of four exclusive options we have meticulously curated to assist you in rectifying your carpet damage. We kindly request that you provide us with your decision promptly. With our extensive experience spanning over three decades, we can confidently assert that these options are the most viable solutions currently available. It is crucial to note that aside from the alternatives we present, there are no other plausible methods to salvage your carpet without resorting to the costly measure of replacing the entire affected area or room. We understand your desire to avoid such an exorbitant expense, which is precisely why we have curated these options for your consideration.

Option 1 -Donor carpet or off cuts

Hey there! Just wondering if you happen to have any leftover carpet scraps from when your floor was first installed, or maybe some carpet tucked away in a closet that matches the one you're looking to repair? It's super important because we want to do our best to seamlessly blend in the patch and make the damage disappear. Using the exact same carpet will give us the best chance of achieving those awesome results. So, if you have any spare carpet lying around, we'd be thrilled to put it to good use for your repair!

Option 2 -Free carpet samples

We've got you covered when it comes to snagging free carpet samples! Just keep in mind that these samples are usually as small as a piece of toast, so they might not be enough to patch up larger carpet damages. Nonetheless, they'll give you a good idea of the colour and texture you're after.

Option 3 - 
Our GOLDEN Secret

Our swap it over option is a highly recommended solution that ensures a seamless repair depending on the age of your carpet. We take great care in handling the situation by delicately removing a portion of carpet from under your furniture or an inconspicuous area. This meticulous approach guarantees the best possible outcome as the replacement section will perfectly match the damaged area. Prior to our visit, you have the chance to search for a similar-coloured carpet to substitute the piece we remove from beneath your furniture. Although a slight colour variation may occur (which is unavoidable), it won't be noticeable since it will be hidden from sight. This guarantees the best possible result. Additionally, we will install the replacement section free of charge.

Option 4 -
Search around carpet stores

Welcome to your final option. Embark on an adventurous quest through carpet stores in search of a match for your beloved carpet. Brace yourself, for this endeavor might resemble finding a needle in a haystack. However, should you miraculously stumble upon something remotely similar, don't hesitate to reach out and secure a repair appointment with us. We eagerly await your triumphant return!


With our extensive experience spanning over three decades in the carpet fitting and repairs industry, we possess the necessary expertise to tackle a wide range of challenges. However, it is crucial to bear in mind that we cannot provide a guarantee for invisible carpet repairs. This is due to the sheer diversity of carpets available, encompassing countless brands, thicknesses, colors, backings, and textures, among other factors. Consequently, predicting the exact outcome of a repair becomes quite challenging. When patching new carpet into old, even if it is an exact match, some initial visibility may persist. Conversely, patching new carpet into new carpet tends to yield more favorable results. The duration your carpet has been in use and the level of wear and tear it has endured also impact the repair outcome. Generally, thicker carpets tend to yield more satisfactory results. If you wish to swiftly conceal carpet damages , we recommend addressing the repair promptly to ensure seamless integration with foot traffic. Should you have any further inquiries or require assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

This work requires skilled artistry and takes years to master 

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