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Carpet Repairs London
 Carpet repair options 

We have carefully put these four options together to help you decide how we can repair your carpet damage,


please let us know which option you would like to choose.

Option 1 -

Donor carpet or off cuts

Do you have any spare carpet or carpet from a cupboard or closet that is identical to your damaged carpet? Our aim is to conceal the damage as much as possible, so we would like to use the same carpet as your damaged one for the repair. This will provide us with the best results for your carpet repair.



Option 2 -

Our secret option

This option is the golden secret that rescues our customers 90% of the time. We keep this option close to our chest as it's how we build our business. Ask us how.



Option 3 -

Free carpet samples

If options 1 or 2 are not available, we can provide you with some resources to obtain free carpet samples. However, please note that these samples are typically the size of a piece of toast and may not be large enough to repair your damage.



Option 4 -

Search Around Carpet Stores

This is your last resort. Try hunting around carpet stores to find something similar to your carpet. This will be like finding a needle in a haystack. If you do find something similar, please feel free to contact us to book a repair.


We can never guarantee invisible carpet repairs because there are so many different carpet brands and colors. Please get in touch with us to discuss further; we will guide you through the process. With over 30 years of experience in repairing carpet damages, we will do our best to save you money and minimize any distress. If a carpet repair cannot be done, we will inform you before commencing any work.


This work requires skilled artistry and takes years to master.

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